Course Description

Instagram Guru is your step-by-step guide to growing your Instagram account, attracting the right followers to your page and getting more engagement on your posts! The program is broken into 8 modules and I walk you through each module with a detailed explanation of how to implement each of the steps.

 I will show you how to find and the right followers to your page, how to best utilize every function Instagram has to offer, how to ensure you get more followers IN YOUR SLEEP, how to create quality content and how to make money through your Instagram account. As a special bonus after you've completed the course, I include a link to schedule a 30 minute video call with me where I answer any questions you have and give you an in depth audit of your Instagram account to make sure you are implementing all the steps correctly! 

Instagram Guru Will get you what you want:

- More engaged and active followers

- More engagement on your posts

- Grow your account while you sleep 

-Create quality content easily

-Utilize all of Instagram's features correctly for maximum visibility and account growth

Let's get started!

With love,


Ortal Levitan

Founder, Workout Unicorn, Instagram Growth Guru

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